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Solutions for dry/dehydrated and sensitive skin,

Dry, dehydrated skin suffers from tighness, roughness and flakiness. Daily aggressions make the skin unable to retain the same level of water and becomes dehydrated. This type of skin is often fragile and irritated, and shows a dull appearance marked by dehydration lines. Our effective solutions for dry and dehydrated skin replenish essential hydration and lock it in. With intense, long lasting hydration,the skin progessively regains its healthy and supple appearance.

Sensitive skin is a term used to describe heightened skin sensitivity and a high incidence of adverse reactions to certain irritants. The more common skin irritants are detergents, certain skin care products and environmental factors such as cold, wind, rain, sun and heat.

Our formulations specifically address the need for lasting hydration while avoiding any risks of irritation and are suitable for the most sensitive complexions.