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Keep it simple and effective.

Let's just start by saying that good skin care is as essential to men as it is to women. But did you know there are differences between a man's and woman's skin? Products recommended for women don’t work the same on a man's skin and vice versa.

Men's skin endures the same daily stresses such as sun, smoke, environmental pollutants and harsh temperature as well as free radical damage but it also adds shaving to the equation. Daily shaving acts as an exfoliant but a harsh one. Shaving actually removes the outer layer of protection which in turn subjects the skin to dehydration and irritation. Also, while men's skin has smaller sebaceous glands these are also more productive due to the higher levels of testosterone on these glands. So men often end up with a skin type that can be a combination of oily and dry, sensitive and irritated. And on top of that, let's also add the misery of ingrown hair (thanks, again, to shaving...).

So what's a good skin routine for men? Something easy to follow, that won't irritate, cause breakouts and offer good protection. The basic rule of cleanse-treat-protect holds true regarless of gender. We recommend the following:

1 - CLEANSE: Use our Mild Gel Cleanser (suitable for all ) or our Salicylic Wash (if your skin tends to be on the oily side).

2 -TREAT: For ingrown hair, a bi-weekly use of our Glycolic Pads 20% - Just don't do that right after shaving. Our Perfecting Toner, with glycolic and salicylic acid, is great for daily use.

3 - HYDRATE/PROTECT: Our Ultra-Hydrating Moisturizer is our favorite: it's oil-free, water-based, dries quickly, leaving no residue. Its soothing properties are simply wonderful, and you can use right after shaving without any risk of irritation. If you are looking for sun protection as well, then our Daily Moisturizer SPF 30 is right for you.

Add an anti-aging/antioxidant step to your skin care regimen. Use it at night after cleansing. This will help combat the signs of aging and environmental aggression. Our Restore Anti-Aging serum has a very light, neutral and pleasant smell, leaves no residue onthe skin and is packed with cosmeceutical ingredients. Use only a few drops every night and start seeing noticeable improvements in very little time!